How to Use Granite Countertops to Create a Luxurious Kitchen

When it’s time for your kitchen upgrade. Your home deserves the best, and so do you.

Installing granite countertops, Toms River can give your kitchen the luxurious look you always wanted.

With many different colors to choose from your granite countertops, Manahawkin can be the center of attention or the thing that pulls your kitchen together.

Variety of colors

Let’s talk colors. With over 200 colors, granite ranges from mostly white to shades of brown, green, red, blue, gray and black. There are so many colors and patterns that we could be here all day — just focusing on them.

Some of the colors available are:

Silver creek — It is filled with swirls and veins, this granite is gray black and white
Nevasca mist — A calm mix of gray, beige, and greige with dark brown veins
Alpine white — A polished granite. Ranges from gunmetal gray with graphite veins to veined icy white accented with ebony
Steel gray — a dark gray background with specks of black, light gray, and silver
Black pearl — mostly black background with a few dots of gray, brown, and green. Also has gold and silver flecks
Colonial white — pale gray and cloudy silver with jet black speckles
Caledonia — Features really small, close together speckles that are a combination of colors ranging from charcoal to light gray.
Premium black — Very rare. Almost exclusively black with a fine dark gray stippling.
Setting the tone

To set the tone, the first step is knowing what you want your kitchen to say about your style.

Granite is an investment for your home, so selecting the right stone is vital.

When creating a color scheme for your kitchen, you can either make the color of the granite your main color, or make the main color of the kitchen match the veins and specks in the granite.

The main color in your kitchen is typically projected by the cabinets and connected by the countertops.

The other way to fit the colors together includes letting the granite set the effect. For example, choosing a light colored granite to make a small kitchen appear bigger or a dark color for drama.

If you have a lot of color throughout your kitchen, choosing a solid color granite is beneficial. Likewise, if you have a monochromatic color scheme, a highly patterned granite would contrast the kitchen better.

The installation process

When deciding to install granite countertops, Toms River, the first step is deciding on the design of your kitchen. In this process, you select colors and patterns for every aspect — from cabinets to counters and floors.

The next step is selecting the stone that fits your design.

The stone is then measured, cut, shaped and delivered to your home for installation.

After the countertop is installed, a layer of sealant is applied to keep your countertop safe and pristine.

Installing granite countertops Toms River, can make your kitchen luxurious and more functional.

There are many different colors of granite countertops Manahawkin. Using certain colors or patterns of granite can set the tone for the room.

You can make your counters stand out, or tie it all together — the choice is based on your style.

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